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Div. Genetic Information, Inst. Genome Res., the Univ. of Tokushima

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"Tokushima ASNPs (Asian SNPs) HOME PAGE "

made public on April 7, 2003.

  "Tokushima ASNPs ()" database supplies minor allele frequencies of Gene-Centric Even-Spacing Common SNPs in Japanese and Chinese to select the most efficient SNP markers for the high-efficiency Case-Control association study.  

  The idea of "Gene-Centric" covers 10 kb 5'-upstream and 3'-downstream of the gene.  The idea of "Common SNPs" means the Minor Allele Frequency >= 15% in 46 healthy Japanese or Chinese subjects.  We have uploaded the total number of 91,276 SNPs with minor allele frequency data in 4 populations including Caucasian, African American, Chinese, and Japanese on Aug. 27, 2005.  The list of high minor allele frequency SNPs commonly present among 4 populations supports the efficient discovery of the susceptibility SNPs for common diseases.  

Division of Genetic Information is persueing Functional Genomics by Case-control ssociation studies on diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis with "Even-spacing common shared SNPs markers newly developed and validated in Japanese", QTL analysis of diabetic model mice, linkage analysis of inherited metabolic diseases, and studies using various transgenic mouse models.  This division has already introduced mass-spectometers for proteomic application of functional genomics.  This division collaborates with other 4 regular divisions and 1 visiting division in education and research.  

As described aboveAwe have developed highly efficient Even-Spacing Common SNPs Probes for association study.  Minor allele frequency of about 53,000 SNPs are published in our Tokushima ASNPs database ()Outline is explained in 15 ASNPs.  

Common Diseases include diabetes, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, dementia, cancer etc.  which are the important target diseases of the 21st century.  ........

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